Jewels - An Art Nouveau Pendant Lucien Hirtz
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An Art Nouveau Pendant

This sophisticated, elegant Art Nouveau pendant in silver on gold is set with brilliant cut diamonds against a background of foliage composed of plique-à-jour enamel in two shades of green. The sprigs, in the characteristic fluid Art Nouveau style, are fully set with rose cut diamonds. The pendant can also be worn as a brooch by removing the loop and attaching the brooch ring.
Although it is not signed, the design of this pendant is almost identical to one pictured twice in Alastair Duncan’s book The Paris Salons 1895-1914, once in volume I, on p. 86 as by Lucien Hirtz, made for Boucheron, and once on p. 263 of volume II, as by Henri Vever.
On p. 448 of La Bijouterie Française (1903-1908) Henri Vever writes that Lucien Hirtz, working with Auguste Bugniot, may be regarded as responsible for the most important pieces produced by Boucheron in 1900, which were very highly valued. Hirtz (born 1864) worked for the firm from 1893 to 1925 and was a gifted designer and enameller. Vever says, among other things, that he had perfect taste. It was known that Hirtz, like others, sold his designs to established jewellery houses, including Vever. This may explain why the pendant described above is also illustrated under Vever’s name.

Date: Circa 1900
Made in: Paris
Maker: Lucien Hirtz
Style period: Art Nouveau
Dimensions: 4.8 x 6.2 cm (h x w)
Weight: 24 g
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