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Long Pendant Earrings

These ravishing gold pendant earrings were made around 1830. They are constructed from 18-carat gold scrolls and beads ingeniously intertwined. The pendants can be removed from the upper section, which can then be worn separately.
The earrings are perfectly in tune with the fashion of the time. Necklines were oval. Hair was worn à la Hurlúberlú. The name and this hairdo originated in the seventeenth century. A new fashion called the ‘Hurly-Burly’ emerged in England around 1675. In Paris it became ‘Hurlúberlú’. This style came back into fashion around 1820—the early Biedermeier period. The hair was worn with a sharp centre parting, with tight ringlets springing out at the temples. The hair was drawn into a chignon or loose coils at the back of the head. Of course not every woman was blessed with natural hair that could be dressed in this style, so hairpieces were widely used. The bare neck simply cried out for large earrings like these.

Date: Circa 1830
Made in: France
Dimensions: 6.9 cm (l)
Weight: 17.8 g
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