Miniatures - Goudestein mansion Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - Nine men's morris Johannes Adrianus van Geffen
Miniatures - Lantern
Miniatures - Miniature tea caddy Lodewijk Eylof
Miniatures - Miniature coffee urn with three taps Jan  Borduur
Miniatures - Miniature wall sconce Abraham Effemans
Miniatures - Miniature candlesticks with snuffers Jan Borduur
Miniatures - Miniature kettle on tall tripod stand maker's mark  a bunch of grapes
Miniatures - Miniature State Room of the Golden Age
Miniatures - The Herengracht in Amsterdam Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - Chicken on skewer Abraham van der Hoef
Miniatures - A Delightful Dining Room Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - Miniature Tobacco jar Jan Borduur
Miniatures - Iron on Stand Maria Breda
Miniatures - Sleigh with horse Willem  van Strant
Miniatures - Coffee grinder Daniel van Strant
Miniatures - Epiphany scene Frederik van Strant
Miniatures - Engraved Tray maker's mark a weight
Miniatures - Kettle on Stand Jan Bonket
Miniatures - Inkstand Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - Tray with six glasses and a bottle Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - A miniature peat-porter Arnoldus van Geffen
Miniatures - Miniature inkstand Jan Bonket
Miniatures - Four teapots Arnoldus van Geffen