Silver - An Elegant Pair of Sauce Boats Reynier de Haan
Silver - A Pair of Tureens Gregorius van der Toorn
Silver - Cutlery box Johan Pieter Geurts
Silver - Adam van Vianen Salt Adam van Vianen
Silver - Tea Chest with Four Silver Tea Caddies Francois Lambregts
Silver - Two toilet boxes Hendrik Fortman
Silver - A Pair of Arnhem Sauce Boats Daniel Courou
Silver - Table bell Wilhelmus Angenendt
Silver - Candlesticks Dirk Evert Grave
Silver - A Large Bread Basket  Reinier Brandt
Silver - An Elegant Chocolate Pot Alger Mensma
Silver - The Gold Van Eys Snuffbox Jean Saint
Silver - A Highly Important Kettle on Stand Francois Lambregts
Silver - A Set of Candlesticks with a Pair of Snuffers Francois Lambregts
Silver - A Large and Early Strawberry Dish  Adriaan Havelaar
Silver - A Fine, Elegant Tobacco Jar and its miniature version Bartholomeus van der Toorn
Silver - An Early Teapot Willem van Batenburg
Silver - The Neukirchen Nijvenheim Wine Cooler Fran├žois van Stapele
Silver - Tray Reinier Brandt
Silver - Tobacco box Gerardus Cornelii
Silver - A Middelburg Wine Cooler Hendrik  Boshart
Silver - Pair of casters Regnerus Elgersma
Silver - An Exceptional Tray and Superb Candlesticks  Johannes Schiotling