Silver - Adam van Vianen Salt Adam van Vianen
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Adam van Vianen Salt

This astonishing technical feat by one of the Netherlands’ most famous silversmiths is among the greatest pieces of Dutch silver of all time. The sea nymph Galatea, seated on the shell-like armour of a sea monster, forms the primary element of this salt. Making almost free-standing figures was generally regarded as a piece of bravado that placed the silversmith on a par with the sculptor. Even by today’s standards, this salt by Adam van Vianen is still an extraordinarily imaginative piece, and it is almost impossible to believe that it was chased from a single sheet of silver. Adam’s great technical skills were never equalled.
Pieces by Vianen are extremely rare and virtually all of them are in museum collections, such as The Metropolitan Museum in NY, The Boston Museum of Fine arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has the largest number of Vianen pieces in their collection and just dedicated an exhibition to Kwab and the work of Adam and his followers.

Date: 1624
Made in: Utrecht
Maker: Adam van Vianen
Dimensions: 19.5 cm (h)
Weight: 589 g
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