Silver - An Elegant Chocolate Pot Alger Mensma
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An Elegant Chocolate Pot

This elegant chocolate pot is a very subtle interpretation of Louis XV style. The pear-shaped pot has tapered ribs. The pot is plain, apart from a bold rocaille ornament on the knob that tops the domed lid. This knob can be unscrewed, confirming that the pot was designed for serving chocolate. A wooden stirrer could be inserted through the round hole in the lid to stir the cocoa that had settled to the bottom through the milk before the drink was poured out. Nowadays, millions of people enjoy chocolate every day, but this was not always so. The product was completely unknown in Europe until the sixteenth century, and chocolate did not become something everyone could afford until the twentieth. In the eighteenth century, the period when this pot was made, chocolate was served only at court and in the houses of the wealthiest citizens. Dutch silver chocolate pots of this period are consequently very rare.

Date: 1756
Made in: Amsterdam
Maker: Alger Mensma
Style period: Louis XV
Dimensions: 21 cm (h)
Weight: 483 g
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