28 Jan 2021

Review tip:

In one of the episodes of Tussen Kunst en Kitsch we saw a 19th century Jack in the cellar. Reason for Emiel Aardewerk to go to the Dutch SILVER MUSEUM in Schoonhoven to show a Jack in the cellar with a very different price tag… Click here to watch

In the seventeenth century in Holland, it was a customary gift to expectant mothers, or it was shown to visitors by expectant mothers to indicate that a child was on the way. If one hoped for a girl, it was not called Jack in the cellar, but Maaike in ‘t Schaaprijke; Maaike in the sheepfold. Both the cellar and the sheepfold refer to the security of the womb. This drinking bowl and the associated custom was also known in neighbouring countries. In German: Hansel im Keller, Dutch: Hansje in de Kelder.

You can see Tussen Kunst en Kitsch Extra on NPO 2 Extra at 21:30 on Wednesday after ‘Tussen Kunst en Kitsch’. NPO 2 Extra can be found at Ziggo on channel 222, at KPN, Telfort and XS4ALL on channel 88 and at T-Mobile on channel 381.


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