A Large Wine Jug

This wine jug was made in 1787 by the well known Amsterdam silversmith Johannes Schiotling. It is one of the few large examples known in Dutch silver. It is a wonderful example of the Neo classical style in Dutch silver. A style that became fashionable during the reign of Louis XVI and is therefore also called the Louis Seize style.


After the mid-18th century, following the rococo, a movement emerged that refocused on ancient culture- classicism. People study ancient culture as a whole with scientific seriousness and art history made its appearance. The excavations at Pompei in 1748 and Herculaneum, under the supervision of Charles of Bourbon, King of Naples, inspired Neoclassicism. Many books were published including those by the German archaeologist and historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann that comprehensively depicted the measures and proportions of classical architecture. In particular, the large number of detailed illustrations were a source of inspiration for crafts. The ornaments on the jug are wonderful examples of this style: the beaded borders, palm leaves, a wreath of laurel leaves, fluting on the body of the jug. The basic shape also bears strong similarities to an ancient vase.


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